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How does it work?

Our Quarterly Challenges occur in January, April, July, and October. During these months, all you need to do is successfully complete 20 visits to our yoga studio and wellness center. Your visits will mostly consist of yoga classes but massage, acupuncture, structural integration, infrared sauna sessions count towards your 20 visits too.

So, besides all the health benefits, what do you get?

Yes, the health benefits are the most important part but, in addition to this, you will receive 200 Rewards Points as well as all the Rewards you accumulate during the challenge.

Here's the breakdown:

The best thing to do is to purchase our Monthly Unlimited Membership for $79 per month (cancel anytime) where you get unlimited classes (in-studio or livestream*) and one free infrared sauna session per week. Also included in this membership is a $10 off bonus for any additional wellness services in our Wellness Center.

Make sure you are enrolled in our Rewards Program and you will be automatically credited 5% on your membership purchase (plus 5% every time it renews). You also get 1 point for every time you use our online scheduler to book your class or appointment and 1 point for every social mention of Old Town Yoga where we are tagged in the post. All this PLUS the 200pts for the completion of the Challenge comes to quite an accumulation of points that you can use towards any of our services, PLUS, you will feel AMAZING at the end!

We hope you will consider joining us THIS January or in future months. Please feel free to message us on the lower right with any questions!