Alex Willen

Alex Willen has been working on bodies since he was 7 years old in New York at summer camp. While his life's journey involved competitive sports, mechanical engineering and physics, and management, his calling to support others in their wellness and healing now finds him in service of the Fort Collins and Boulder Communities. Alex has completed the Anatomy Trains Structural Integration program and is a board certified structural integrator (SI). His never ending training related to bodywork and corrective exercise include Zoga Multidimensional Movement, James Earles Active Fascia Release, Gray Institute of Functional Movement 3D Maps, Functional Anatomy Seminar/Functional Range Control material, Ido Portal training, Gymnastic Bodies training, and much more.

Alex's SI practice is rooted in mindfulness and is directed at providing relief, balance, awareness, and education. The application of SI is a slow and steady manual therapy of the body's fascia. With roots in Osteopathy and Rolfing, SI can help identify and address locations of trauma, energetic and emotional blockages, and inefficiencies.

When not working with clients, Alex can be found playing with his daughter Emmberlyn and son Maxwell, exploring Colorado and the surrounding area, getting into nature, getting involved in community, studying the mind and body, and investing in his own wellness and healing.


303 900 8937

Appointment Types/Prices

15 minute free consultation - The consultation is an opportunity to discuss your challenges, your goals, and Alex's practice as it relates to your interests. A brief demo of Alex's bodywork can be shared with those interested, which could be especially insightful to those who have not yet experienced structural integration.

60 minute Structural Integration - Identify and treat root causes to acute and chronic challenges through strategic, mindfulness invoking, and attunement encouraging bodywork that is oriented at treating fascia and liberating restrictions. Come away from the session experiencing relief and new potentials.

90 minute Structural Integration - For a more thorough touch into your tissues and for greater empowerment through knowing what corrective exercises, movements, and stretches you can do outside of a bodywork session, book a 90 minute session where you get all the benefits of a 60 minute session and more

60 minute session - $80-120

90 minute session - $130-170