Yoga & Live Music

Every Friday Night at 5:30pm

Join us for these very special classes as you're led through an uplifting practice with backing by the live music of local Fort Collins musicians. Allow the music to influence your flow as the live organic sounds inspire your breath and movement creating a beautiful synergy of sound, effort and ease.

Use your class package or membership to attend! Don't have a package or membership? Drop ins are also available for $15.

February Lineup

Feb. 1st: More Than Physics

Clint Willcox and Jonathan Sadler are a dynamic duo of accomplished percussionists, always pushing the limits of their instruments. Jonathan's enlightened creativity fused with Clint's master percussion skills have given birth to a truly amazing musical energy. Experience the world's newest acoustic instrument combined with drums from the ancient world as Handpan and Tabla are united. With the addition of an antique Marimba, More Than Physics creates an authentic, serene musical universe.

Feb. 8th: Jonathan Sadler

Jonathan Sadler is a multi instrumentalist from Fort Collins specializing in the classical Indian drum known as the tabla, a new acoustic instrument called the handpan, and percussion and mallet instruments he is known to throw it down on his marimba and vibraphone. Jonathan is a yoga teacher and Has been performing for yoga classes for nearly 7 years on his own, with his group more than physics, more recently with his fiancé Gitali. Holding musical space for yoga it is one of his favorite things to do.

Feb. 15th Daniel Zamzow.

Daniel Zamzow is a musician and audio producer living in Fort Collins, Colorado. He frequently performs on cello and bass in collaboration with artists including Cloud Cult and Brother Pilgrim. In addition to producing and engineering audio for independent artists, he has a rich background in radio and podcasting. Whether on a performance tour or satisfying the urge to freewheel, Daniel relishes life as a traveler.

Feb. 22nd Tania “Gitali” Alexandra

Gitali is a yoga teacher, reiki master, and an experienced and versatile musician/singer songwriter. Her many years of experience in the realms of music and Yoga make her an excellent accompaniment to class. She employs the use of her incredible voice as well as harmonium, percussion, Ukulele, and guitar to provide a serene and healing atmosphere of wonderful and heartfelt music.

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