Total Beginners

Weekly class  Every Saturday, 12-1pm

This total beginners class is a welcoming invitation to the brand new student of yoga with a class specifically designed for an entry level of practice. The aim is to build a solid foundation for a new practitioner and cultivate an understanding of the basics of yoga. This educational class is geared towards people that want to know the general form of traditional postures, how to connect movement with breath and begin to build a lifestyle approach to yoga on and off the mat. Being a beginner is a precious time of practice and one to be savored in the rich layers of learning to embrace the importance of a recursive style of consistent practice at a gradual pace.

Wear comfortable clothes - anything you would normally exercise in is fine. Bring a yoga mat if you have one. We rent them at the studio for $1 and have some for sale for as low as $30 up in our Wellness Center just up the stairs outside the studio.

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Already have a voucher for these classes? Give us a call at 970.222.2777 before your first visit and we will get you set up!