Yoga and Massage

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These Special classes pair knowledgeable and skilled Old Town Yoga teachers with one of our trained and experienced Massage Therapists. Each pairing offers a unique experience informed by their respective areas of expertise and education. Our hope is that by uniting these practices and modalities that it will bring you a greater experience of health, wellness and peace.

See below for upcoming offerings.

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Restorative Yoga & Lymphatic Massage

Yoga & Massage classes at Old Town Yoga combine a yoga class with one of our experienced yoga teachers with massage by one of our highly trained massage therapists from our wellness center.

Rest into stronger immunity with Erin Doty, RYT 500, and Nikki Schmidt, Certified Lymphatic Massage Therapist and Reiki Practitioner.

This class features Restorative Yoga led by Erin with propped postures and breathing techniques to soften within and prepare for massage and guided meditation.

Receive lymphatic massage from Nikki during the class and take home techniques for an at home immune boost. Welcome to all!

Saturday, April 27th - 7-8:30pm Register Here!

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Restorative Yoga & Lymphatic Massage

Gentle yoga will be lead by Marnie Bacon, RYT. With over twenty years experience in professional yoga instruction and body work, Marnie is able to skillfully guide you through a slow and gentle posture sequence designed for deeper self care and head to toe wellness.

Kimberly De Jong RMT, from Old Town Yoga Wellness Center, will share her compassionate and intuitive healing touch to assist each yogi in accessing their inner sense of wholeness through massage and reiki while guests are resting in various asanas throughout the 90 mins class.

Saturday, May 4th - 7-8:30pm Register Here!