Jake Van Vonderen

Jake is the owner and founder of Old Town Yoga Studio, LLC and has been running the studio since 2005. He discovered yoga through the motivation of back pain and a desire to take responsibility for his own health. Simultaneously, Jake dove head first into revamping his diet and nutrition as well as exploring the cornucopia of health and wellness modalities Fort Collins has to offer. An entrepreneur at heart (he likes to think), Jake also founded the Old Town Yoga Wellness Center where they offer massage, Infrared Sauna treatments and CBD products; is co-founder Breathe Yoga Festival in Fort Collins; and has recently launched Yoga In The Square where Old Town Yoga offers free yoga classes in Old Town Square currently twice a year at the beginning and end of Summer. Jake has also worked for Wanderlust Festival, Hanuman Festival and has volunteered for 10+ years for the Sustainable Living Fair. In addition to his passion for health and wellness, Jake has varied interests including hiking, camping, and mushroom hunting in the North Woods of Wisconsin, traveling to tropical locations and eating exotic tropical fruits in said locations; Frisbee, watching football (Packers), baseball, and MMA. Jake's guilty pleasure is old school 80's WWF.