Kelli Glaze

Yoga Teacher

Kelli brings an invitation for curiosity and exploration deep into the body. Utilizing the breath as an anchor to the mat and recognition of physical emotional and mental sensations became a strong area of focus. Early on in her yoga journey she found a deep connection to the Yin style of practice. A simple but not easy practice.

Kelli pursued her passion to teach yin yoga, making her way to Canada. Here Kelli trained with Bernie Clark and Diana Batts completing 110 hours of training and certification. Wanting to further her journey, she traveled to New York, training with Sarah Powers. This introduced Kelli to a love for blending the yin style with the yang style of yoga. Yang a lighter brighter moving practice and yin a more earth- bound static practice. Kelli additionally learned to cultivate a mindful yoga practice. Meditating in stillness.

When you come to your mat with Kelli you can expect wisdom stories, humor, mindful meditations, and plenty of opportunity for self inquires. You will gain breathe awareness and its health benefits. During each practice Kelli strives to introduce other aspects, beyond the asana of a yoga practice, to utilize on and off your mat.

Kelli loves leading workshops for students and RYT's. Classes lead by Kelli can be expected to be inviting and inclusive. Kelli emphasizes that everybody is different. A variety of modifications and tools (props), will be provided, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment on your mat. Verbal cues for poses and utilization of breath for self-inquiry throughout the practice, will be provided, encouraging students to focus inward.

When Kelli is off the mat, she enjoys cooking (especially for others) has a deep love of nature and all animals, spending time with family, photography and travel. She hopes to continue growing her current strengths, knowledge and passion for yoga, and continue to share these with others.