Kyle portrait.jpeg

Kyle Shrivastava

Yoga Teacher

Kyle loves the feeling of strength and mobility that a regular movement practice provides and seeks to share that sense of physical and mental empowerment with his students. While he began his yoga journey in the Peace Corps in Senegal, mainly as as a form of exercise, it has expanded over the years into a practice of self inquiry, mindful movement, and personal growth.

Kyle’s teaching is focused increasing functional mobility, providing anatomically precise cueing, and cultivating steady mindfulness through movement. He also often encorporates guided meditation and breath-work into classes, with the belief that the mind-body connection is key to our well-being.

Outside of the studio, Kyle is a facilitator and conflict resolution practitioner in the non-profit space. On any given weekend, he can be found creating mandala ink drawings, playing guitar, or enjoying a beautiful hike in the mountains.