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Val Webb

When you hire Sports Pro Touch you are in good hands! I graduated with honors from the Boulder College of Massage Therapy's 1,000-hour certification program and have been a licensed massage therapist since June 17, 2006. I offer customized, therapeutic bodywork to complement professional/elite athletic, sports training, prenatal/postpartum and self-care programs. I specialize in neuromuscular and deep tissue bodywork, including: soft tissue manipulation, myofacial release, muscular energy techniques, injury-specific rehabilitation and resistance/relaxation stretches. In addition, I have 200 hours in coursework as part of BCMT's Master Bodyworker for Orthopedic and Sports Massage in the Advanced Bodywork Studies Program.

I am also certified in Manual Lymph drainage from Klose Training, based on the internationally recognized Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage protocol and techniques. And I offer hot stone therapy as a way to release deep restrictions in facial connective tissue.

My philosophy is to help clients benefit from the positive effects of therapeutic massage as it fits into their personal, competitive or comprehensive training program(s). I share my knowledge and specialized healing techniques with each client and enjoy helping him/her reduce stress and tension, promote relaxation, ease chronic pain and musculoskeletal injuries. I also believe therapeutic massage can positively affect my client’s emotions, attitude, and mental clarity when faced with life’s challenges and everyday events.

30 minute - $40

60 minute - $75

90 minute - $100