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Yoga Classes

Old Town Yoga is pleased to offer yoga classes taught by experienced and dedicated yoga teachers from a variety of backgrounds and styles.

Many of our classes are flow-based classes linking movement with breath and sequenced in a methodical and purposeful way. We cater to beginners, intermediate, and all levels of practice.

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Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna sessions have many benefits including: deep relaxation, pain-relief, skin rejuvenation, detox, improved mobility & greater immune function.

Our sauna sessions are completely private but you can also bring friends to share the experience at no additional cost!

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Massage Therapy

We invite you to indulge in a relaxing, stress-relieving, and therapeutic massage with one of our highly trained and passionate massage therapists in our Wellness Center. All staff members offer 60 and 90-minute massages -- 30 and 120 minute massages are also offered by some of our staff. We consider massage necessary maintenance to combat the stresses of life that we all enjoy!

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From a biomedical point of view, acupuncture also works to increase and redirect blood flow and body fluids to specific areas, relax tight muscles, release endorphins in the brain, and increase overall healing response in the body. The overarching goal of acupuncture is balance; if the body is in balance, there will be no disease or discomfort.

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