Raina Gulick

Massage Therapist

Raina is a Colorado native who has been working as an Emergency Medical Technician for the last 7 years while also continuing to practice massage therapy for the last decade. Raina has worked with a diverse range of patients/clients from busy, urban emergency departments to world-class spas. Raina has also spent time working in an acupuncture clinic at the base of Vail mountain specializing in deep muscle therapy for various types of athletes. Equipped with a sharp intuition and extensive experience treating clients and patients alike, Raina is eager to combine her thorough knowledge and understanding of the process of dis-ease and her uniquely designed holistic approach to bring a harmonious combination of balance and rootedness.

Raina’s massage style is slow and detailed, working directly with the energy of the fascia and muscles in order to access the tissues that desire profound relief. This method assures deep relaxation for the mind and body, producing wide-spread therapeutic effects.

As a first responder, Raina has personally benefited both physically and psychologically from practicing yoga and receiving therapeutic massage. In combination with other forms of self-care, such as cooking, baking, hiking, and expressing herself through various forms of art, Raina attributes her ability to face some of life’s toughest challenges to the principles of these practices.