Taylor Payne


Taylor, a Massage Therapist, 500HR Registered Yoga Teacher and truth seeking Sagittarius is following her passion, pursuing the infinite magnificence of the human body.

Arriving to Fort Collins in 2021 with a background in healthcare, cosmetology and yoga teaching. In 2012 she began to immerse herself in to the yogic exploration of how our bodies and minds move. Fascinated with how a balanced or unbalanced Body Mind & Spirit connection directly affects wellbeing. She began to journey towards this connection, harnessing unique physical movement, utilizing yoga & massage with conscious breath to access optimal experience.

Retiring early from her career as a hairstylist, due to the demanding requirements of the job she began to experience chronic back pain. Yoga and Bodywork were the doorway into her healing journey and it is her hope that she may share and that offering with you. Her heart has always been in service to the people. Taylor sees herself as a student to life always open to the doors of opportunity.

Specializing in Swedish, Cupping/Gua Sha, Trigger Point, Muscle Energy Techniques and Myofascial release, she will work with you towards reaching your unique goals, together creating a customized plan of conscious care.

“My vision is to celebrate our miraculous human experiences together through the various bodywork and conscious breath-work. Through collaboration we can begin to awaken again to our own most radiant feeling self. Stepping in to a greater harmonious space within Body Mind and Spirit.”