Valerie Dluzak


Valerie is a registered nurse and a craniosacral therapist. She worked for over 7 years in the Emergency Department in numerous hospitals. Valerie currently works for HydraMed, a mobile IV therapy company. She began her healing journey and synchronistically found a craniosacral therapist who was able to help her heal from a head injury and address some unresolved trauma from her past.

Valerie was inspired by the power of the holistic, gentle, hands on approach. She learned the technique and is now so excited to share this healing modality with the Old Town Yoga community.

Craniosacral is a gentle light touch therapy that addresses the fluids and membranes of the central nervous system. Clients generally receive an overall improvement in there well-being. Craniosacral can help with a variety of issues such as migraines, stress, pain, tension and so much more!

On a personal note, Valerie has a blue heeler named Beans, and loves exploring in the mountains with him. She loves learning new knowledge and reads as much as she can!